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Drawing Skills (7 years old +) 

This course is about learning the basic skills of drawing and sketching.

This course is about learning the basic skills of drawing and sketching. We will begin the week by looking at shading techniques and using these to create realistic 3D shapes thinking about form and curves. We will then build upon these skills to consider light and shadow considering direction and how to highlight and darken areas based on this. Next we will begin to look at perspective by creating a street of houses, within this we will look at vanishing points to try to make our sketches precise and realistic. Finally we will take all the skills we have learnt to create a final still life picture.

Materials: Pupils may benefit from having a selection of sketching pencils (H's and B's) and some high quality paper however, this is not a necessity for the course.

Our Drawing Skills Camp will take place daily at the following schedule:

09:00- 10:00 am(UK time) 1st - 5th August

Should the course not meet the minimum student number requirements, we will contact you within 72 hours of the start of the course with a full refund.

Amy SophiaX tutor

Amy is a highly experienced UK primary school teacher, with over five years of experience, having led English, Maths and P.E. at various points throughout her career. Amy completed her degree in English and Sports studies at the University of Winchester, before going on to do her PGCE in Brighton.

Amy has taught from year 1 through to year 6, often teaching mixed classes in schools in the UK. She has also worked at her local County Council writing, reviewing and monitoring Education, Health and Care Plans for children with special educational needs, which has helped develop her understanding about various individual needs, their impact on a child’s education and the tools and skills that are available to overcome challenges. She has also fulfilled the role as a Deputy DSL in her previous school, helping to monitor the wellbeing of children.

Amy believes passionately about a child-centred teaching approach and tailors her teaching to suit the needs of the individual. She is a fun and enthusiastic teacher and is always searching for new and creative ways to engage the children. She likes to give the children the confidence and independence to face challenges and have a love of learning. She is incredibly excited to join us and to teach within our digital learning environment.

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