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Sophia X Astronomy Camp

Astronomy Camp (Age 10-13)

The Sun is our closest star! Think about that fact...... mind blowing isn't it! If you want to know more amazing facts about the universe and find out about our Solar System and what might be beyond... this course is for you!
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Just don't blame us if your children are forever staying up late to look at the stars!

This kid friendly introduction to Astronomy will cover the history of the study of outer space from the Ancient Egyptians to the modern day. This exciting course will look at the planets that make up the solar system and how the universe began and what its eventual fate could be.

Led by Jack Hughes, Imperial Science Masters degree holder and highly experienced subject specialist Physics teacher from 11+ to A Level, this week long Sophia X Camp is sure to dazzle star gazers of all ages.

Be prepared to be amazed!

A 5 day course that meets weekly for a one hour session. 

02-Aug-2021 to 06-08-2021

Meet Jack!
I graduated from Imperial College with a Masters in experimental neuroscience and also hold a degree in robotics. As a secondary trained teacher, I have over seven years of tuition and teaching experience following the achievement of his PGCE from the Institute of Education UCL. Most recently, I worked in the Senior Science Department of a top independent senior school in central London.

I am a patient teacher who have worked with children of varying abilities with the objective of giving them the confidence to apply themselves to subjects which they may have found difficult in the past. I have a friendly, understanding disposition which puts the student at ease and this helps to make their lessons something to look forward to, rather than a chore.

I enjoy hiking in the country on the weekends and, as a scientist, I am fascinated by anything to do with outer space. I also enjoy the more creative and athletic sides of my hobbies, as I like to draw and am also a keen runner.

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